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Travis Alert Act


Travis Alert Act

In 2017, the Washington State Legislature passed SHB 1258, known as the Travis Alert Act (RCW 43.70.490). The law required the Department of Health (DOH) to collaborate with Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), State Fire Marshal’s Office, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Washington State Council of Firefighters to review existing training programs both local and national, to design a state wide training program that will familiarize fire department and emergency medical service personnel with the techniques, procedures, and protocols for best handling situations in which persons with disabilities are present at the scene of an emergency. The training is mandatory for all EMS personnel.

Disability Awareness Education for EMS Curriculum

 Disability Awareness Education for EMS Presentation 

EMT classes are delivered by the following organizations


Whatcom County Fire District 14

Contact: Andrea Doll  (360) 788-6418

Bellingham Technical College

Contact: Billie Baker  (360) 752-8447

Remote Medical Training

Contact: Sean  (360) 727-1944

The WCEMSTCC has listed the above as information only.